Anyone who wants to color their gray hair regularly should know the problem well.

After just a few weeks, a clearly visible hairline or individual gray streaks can be seen again.

But sometimes you don’t make it to the hairdresser on time or for other reasons. 

There are various ways to hide gray hairlines circulating online. 

Headbands, for example, are perfect for distracting from the annoying approach. 

Even slightly teased hair or curls should ensure that the color difference is no longer so noticeable. 

But let’s be honest: We don’t really feel comfortable with it either.

The make-up spray is the insider tip par excellence to bridge the time until the next coloration. 

Make-up spray covers the hair quickly and easily and also helps to conceal individual gray hairs.

How Does Make-up Spray Work?

There are now various products available to hide gray hairlines. For example, approach powder or hair mascara. 

These are particularly good for covering individual strands. 

If, on the other hand, the roots have grown out a lot, the best solution is to use a makeup spray.

The make-up spray works similar to dry shampoo, but the spray is enriched with color pigments. 

The product is sprayed directly onto the roots and then forms a thin layer of color directly on the hair. 

Since makeup spray can be washed out, it must be reapplied after each hair wash.

Insider Tip: Magic Retouch Spray from L’Oréal Paris

The spray is supposed to cover gray roots and individual gray hairs in a very easy way with just one short spray.

L'oreal gray hair, loreal spray, Magic Root Spray

The great thing: whether you are blonde, red, or black-brown, the Magic Retouch Spray is available in many different shades. So that the right color is available for every hair color.

Besides, the popular make-up spray is weather, sweat, and styling-proof and therefore sticks to the hair until the next hair washes, despite a small rain shower or a sweaty exercise session. 

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Since it works without ammonia, it is particularly gentle on the hair. So perfect for women who dye their gray hair regularly.

This is How You Use The Make-up Spray

1. Dry your hair well before using the makeup spray and style it as usual. Put a towel around your shoulders to protect your clothes.

2. Shake the Magic Retouch can well, hold the spray vertically, and spray evenly onto the base from a distance of approx. 15 cm.

3. Be careful not to use too much product, or it will be stained. Small areas can be treated with short, precise spraying afterward. For a natural result, blend the freshly applied color with a soft brush.

4. After just one minute, the Magic Retouch Spray is completely dry in the hair.

What to Expect From Magic Retouch L`Oréal 

But does the Magic Retouch from L`Oréal really do what it promises? A total of 1,000+ readers found out the product with a total of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

Our readers were particularly enthusiastic about the gray hairlines application: The spray can be applied quickly, and easily and optimally covers gray hair. Light hair is also effortless to cheat with the spray.

Here, the readers report in detail on some people’s experiences with the Magic Retouch spray:

Fortunately, I only have a slight gray approach, which is now showing up a bit because I haven’t been to the hairdresser’s for a while. After I used the spray, there was nothing to be seen of it, really great. Likewise, the base lamination spray left no residue in the hair and did not stick together. I am delighted with the lamination spray.

Since my hair grows very quickly, I have to dye it twice a month. That really annoys me. But with this product, it’s much more pleasant. If you don’t feel like it but have to go shopping, the product is excellent. Due to the short exposure time, it is a quick solution.

It can be applied quickly and easily, and. The gray hair is a thing of the past until you wash it. But you can also use it as a thickening if you have very light hair. Also great for traveling if you are unprepared and have the spray at hand.

Magic Retouch is a great product. It enables me to hide the graying again quickly wonderfully. For my hair color, the shade ‘brown-medium brown is exactly the right one. The product stays in the hair until the next wash. I have the feeling that this also means that the hair does not regrease so quickly. I can only recommend it. Many thanks to the team for letting me test Magic Retouch. 

Hello everyone! I think this spray is great, and the gray coverage is excellent. In the past, I had bought a similar product from a house brand drugstore and was unfortunately very disappointed. In this respect, I was a bit skeptical before using the L’Oreal spray, but as I said, the color lasts, it is effortless to spray on, and it is completely removed after the next hair wash. The slightly higher price won’t bother me in the future. Handling and quality are much more important to me. Thank you very much. 

The colors are wonderful, and you really don’t see any difference. I found that particularly good. It is easy to apply, and skin affected by color can be easily removed with one wipe. The color sticks to the hair immediately and not to the skin — that surprised me very positively. Since I have black, dyed hair, the beginnings of concise hair can be seen immediately — for example, on the temples — now I can postpone constant dyeing much longer!

I think the approach lamination spray is simply great. It is easy to use and takes little time. Gray hair is covered quickly and effectively. You immediately feel better if you don’t get a hairdresser appointment straight away. I also tested the spray-on with two of my friends, a hairdresser herself, and they both loved it.

In the beginning, I was skeptical as to whether the lamination spray from L’Oréal would actually deliver what it promised. I had already tried a similar product for gray hair in the past, which quickly ended up in the trash. But this time, I have been taught better, and I can only report positive things about this approach concealing spray. I was afraid that you could see that I was trying to hide my gray approach. But this is not the case. The dark brown color adapts perfectly to my hair color, and there is no unsightly transition. The gray hair cover is perfect as if it were freshly dyed — great. So I don’t have to worry about hair dyeing anymore in the future. The spray is very economical, and therefore the price-performance ratio is right. The handling is also effortless. Spray, wait, and you’re done. And I can confirm that it stays that way until the next hair wash. I think it’s great to cover up my approach so easily, and I will definitely continue to use the product in the future. A clear recommendation!

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