For most women, a moisturizer is one of the absolute must-haves in the bathroom cabinet. 

It serves as the perfect base under make-up and ensures that the skin remains beautifully supple. 

But by the age of 30 at the latest, we suddenly get the feeling that the face cream alone is no longer enough. 

The skin feels dry faster, tense and the first expression lines become noticeable.

Facial serums are an easy way to top up your care routine. 

They contain nourishing ingredients in a more concentrated form than day or night creams.

This is How a Facial Serum Works

A facial serum is used in addition to the normal moisturizer and enhances the care effect. 

Unlike a face cream, the texture of a serum is usually reminiscent of a thin gel. 

A serum also feels lighter on the skin and is absorbed more quickly. 

These properties make it the perfect additional care before applying the day or night cream.

Despite their light texture, serums are rich in valuable active ingredients for our skin. 

A popular power ingredient in anti-aging serums is hyaluronic acid. 

Hyaluronic acid occurs naturally in our body and, among other things, ensures that our skin remains elastic. 

Hyaluron molecules can bind 10,000 times their volume to water for a long time. 

The effect: the active ingredient will penetrate into our connective tissue, our skin is flooded with moisture and plumped up.

This Lancôme Serum is An Insider Tip for Smooth Skin

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The Advanced Génifique Serum by Lancôme is a facial serum that is supposed to give skin over 30 the optimal care upgrade. 

The anti-aging serum with hyaluronic acid and vitamin C is intended to accelerate skin regeneration, provide moisture, and ensure an even complexion. 

In addition to valuable moisture boosters such as hyaluronic acid and vitamin C, the serum contains 7 pre-and probiotic extracts. 

What makes it special is the product supports the skin’s microbiome. 

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They act directly on our skin cells, strengthen the skin barrier, and protect them from harmful environmental influences in everyday life. The ideal prerequisite for plump and smooth skin.

Why You (Yes, You) Need It

From the age of 30, the optimal care upgrade is necessary. 

In addition to valuable moisture boosters such as hyaluronic acid and vitamin C, the serum contains 7 prebiotic and probiotic extracts. 

After just 7 days of use, the complexion should appear brighter and healthier thanks to the serum. 

After a bottle, the facial contours should also appear firmer and wrinkles should be reduced.

Lancôme Advanced Génifique Put Into The Test

However, is Lancôme’s anti-aging serum really that effective? 

We tested the product on normal and dry skin for a week.

Like most serums, this product is also very liquid. 

It can be applied directly to the skin of the face with a pipette, which is a little strange at first. 

What is practical, however, is that the pipette charges itself and delivers exactly the right amount of product for the application. 

The light, cool texture is easy to distribute and feels pleasantly fresh.

The scent is subtle and natural.

What immediately surprised us in a positive way: In comparison to other anti-aging serums, the Génifique Serum is really absorbed into the skin immediately without leaving a sticky film. 

It is a good feature for those who are in a hurry in the morning.

There is another plus point for the great immediate effect. Immediately after application, the skin surface feels smooth and silky. 

Normal and dry skin receives an extra portion of moisture before applying the day or night cream, without the complexion feeling oily or the skin feeling heavy.

Our tip: Thanks to the pleasant consistency, just a few drops on the forehead and cheeks are enough, which can then be easily spread over the entire face. This makes the serum very economical.

Conclusion: does the facial serum do what it says on the tin?

The Advanced Génifique Serum from Lancôme is a great product to top up the anti-aging skincare routine for 30s. 

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We particularly like the silky smooth feeling on the skin that the serum leaves behind after application. 

The complexion then appears refreshed and the skin is optimally cared for.

The serum is also absorbed very quickly, so that the moisturizing cream can be applied immediately afterward. 

So you don’t have to invest much more time in your beauty routine despite the additional care step. All in all a great product that convinced us!

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