Many are looking for the antiaging miracle weapon against wrinkles. Duchess Kate, at least 38 years old, seems to have already found hers. 

Because according to the British tabloid “The Sun”, the royal beauty owes its wrinkle-free and radiant skin to a purely herbal product that is said to have a similar effect to Botox and even comes from Germany.

Kate’s Beauty Secret? The Anti-Aging Gel Biotulin

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Kate’s make-up artist Arabella Preston recently revealed the secret to Kate’s flawless skin. The skin care expert revealed to “The Sun” that the heir to the throne wife has been using a natural anti-wrinkle gel called Biotulin Skin Gel for years.

And Kate is not alone in that. Other celebrities, such as Madonna, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Michelle Obama also use the so-called organic botox from the bottle against wrinkles and sallow skin.

How the Anti-Aging Gel Biotulin Works

Biotulin is a gel that is supposed to visibly tighten the skin within just one hour. 

The reason for the anti-aging effect lies in the main active ingredient of Biotulin, which is spilanthol. Spilanthol is actually a natural anesthetic made from the Acmella Oleracea plant. 

The local anesthetic reduces muscle contraction and so relaxes facial features. According to the manufacturer, the smoothing effect should last up to nine hours.

In addition to spilanthol, the gel also contains a moisturizing plant extract called silver hair grass, which is obtained from the Imperata Cylindric plant. 

The third ingredient in Biotulin is hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid cushions the skin and visibly smooths it.

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