Get rid of dry, dead skin: Anyone who regularly uses a facial peeling will be left with a smooth, even skin rewarded. 

Real beauty connoisseurs recommend peeling once a week. 

But does that also apply to the sensitive skin types?

Enzyme peelings are said to be the solution and the perfect peeling alternative for sensitive and dry skin. 

But how exactly does an enzyme peeling actually work? 

We’ll explain and tell you whether you should top up your beauty routine with an enzyme peeling.

This is How an Enzyme Peeling Works

From mechanical peeling, fruit acid peeling, chemical peeling to enzyme peeling: the beauty market now has a lot of options.

Those are for the same purpose.

To get rid of the dry skin areas and dead flakes and to make it shine again. 

But we shouldn’t give it a go directly, because our skin type plays a decisive role in the choice.

If you have normal, insensitive skin, basically nothing speaks against a classic scrub peeling. 

The peeling granules contained in it loosen old skin cells when used, stimulate the blood circulation in the skin and overall ensure an even complexion. 

However, if your skin reacts irritated after use, an enzyme peeling could be the right alternative.

The texture of an enzyme peeling doesn’t feel like a peeling at first because it doesn’t contain any abrasive particles. 

Still, it looks more intense. 

Instead of the peeling particles, natural enzymes are used.

Enzymes act on the cell connections in our skin and remove old skin cells. 

They also activate cell renewal in the skin.

Aggressive rubbing, which can damage our skin, is therefore not necessary with an enzyme peeling. 

In contrast to a fruit acid or chemical peeling, an enzyme peeling only works on the surface of the skin.

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Which Skin Type Is It Suitable For?

The use of an enzyme peeling is gentler on the skin than a mechanical peeling because it is free of peeling granules. 

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Dead skin cells are gently removed without irritating the skin. 

So it’s perfect for everyone with sensitive and dry skin that reacts quickly with redness or irritation.

Impure skin can also benefit from enzyme peeling. 

The natural enzymes not only rid the skin of dead skin but also of dirt and excess sebum. 

Clogged pores are gently cleared and pimples and inflammation are prevented.

How to Use an Enzyme Peeling Properly

Beauty experts recommend using an enzyme scrub once a week. 

To use it, you should first remove your make-up and clean your face with a cleansing foam or micellar water.

Most enzyme peels are reminiscent of powder. 

The powder particles are mixed with a little lukewarm water between the palms of the hands and then spread over the face and gently massaged in. Some products should work for 1–2 minutes after application. 

Then wash the face thoroughly and make it supple with a moisturizing cream.

The Best Enzyme Peeling Products Online

Would you like to top up your care routine with an enzyme peeling, but you are not yet sure which product is right for you? 

Here are three popular enzyme peelings that are supposed to ensure a clear, smooth complexion and a radiant complexion.

Ultraluxe Skin Care Enzyme Peeling Cream

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The enzyme peeling by Ultraluxe is a real all-rounder and is, therefore, one of the favorites on the Internet.

It is supposed to free the skin of flakes and dirt particles, prevent skin impurities and ensure an even complexion. 

It also supplies the skin with amino acids, vitamins and minerals. Particularly great: the product is vegan and free from animal fat.

Radical Skincare Express Delivery Enzyme Peel

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Another popular product on Amazon is the Radical Skincare enzyme peeling. 

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If you mix the powder with water between the palms of your hands, a delicate cleansing foam is created that cleanses the skin particularly thoroughly and deep into the pores. 

The peeling should be perfect for dry and sensitive skin and should leave the skin feeling silky and soft after use.

For daily cleaning: Enzyme Cleanser from Babor

beauty tips, enzyme peeling, peeling

Are you looking for a product that you can use every day? Then Babor’s Enzyme Cleanser could be of interest to you. 

The cleansing powder should be suitable for every skin type and cleanse the skin intensively but gently. 

The skin is revitalized with the application and dead skin cells are removed. 

The result: a refined complexion and a smooth skin surface.

That’s it! I hope you enjoy reading and don’t forget to put a comment below if you have any question or have tried any enzyme peeling product!

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