Why is My Anxiety So Bad After Drinking:

Why is My Anxiety So Bad After Drinking:

Anxiety is a common mental health condition. It’s when you feel nervous, worried, and afraid all the time. This can make everyday life difficult. Drinking alcohol is a common coping mechanism for many people who struggle with anxiety, but it can also make anxiety symptoms worse. Studies have shown that alcohol can have a negative … Read more

Are Anxiety Pills Addictive: Medication

Are Anxiety Pills Addictive:

Anxiety is a normal feeling, but when it becomes too much, it can be a disorder. Anxiety is worry or fear that can be mild or severe. Everyone has feelings of anxiety at some point in their life, but an anxiety disorder is different. An anxiety disorder is a long-term condition that causes you to … Read more

Why Does My Headache When I Lay Down:

Why Does My Headache When I Lay Down

Headaches that occur specifically when a person is lying down, also known as “orthostatic headaches,” are a type of headache that can be caused by a variety of factors. These types of headaches can be caused by changes in blood flow or pressure, changes in the position of the head and neck, or by certain … Read more