Best Tips Against Discomfort During Pregnancy

10 Discomforts During Pregnancy and How I Deal With It!

Nausea, back pain or heartburn: Pregnant women suffer from a variety of ailments. We’ll give you lightning-fast tips for the 10 most common pregnancy symptoms, from the first to the last trimester. Wonderful, exciting and incredibly beautiful — the nine months of pregnancy are an incredibly intense time.  But in addition to the great moments, various pregnancy…

8 Yoga Terms Beginners Should Know

8 Yoga Terms Beginners Should Know

As a newcomer to yoga, you will be confronted with many terms that you may be unfamiliar with.  Pranayama, Mudra & Shavasana — and you only understand train station?  Then, our little glossary of terms is just the thing to help you find your way around the spiritual world. You can of course, practice yoga without knowing…